This paper analyzes the application of information communication technologies for the delivery of medical services, namely telemedicine. As an attempt to understand the working of telemedicine the Aaragonda project by Apollo hospitals has been studied. Various aspects of telemedicine such as implementation and infrastructure and possible lessons from the implementation of such a project have been highlighted.

Telemedicine is the use of information communication technology platform for the delivery of health services. It has enormous potential for increasing the access to medical services by increasing the reach. As the transaction costs are coming down telemedicine is likely to become widely acceptable [1]. Information Communication Technology (ICT) has changed almost every aspect of social and economic activity, within the last two decades. ICT can provide a powerful platform that could benefit the poorer citizens of developing countries. By enhancing access to education and health care through distance learning and telemedicine, ICT can improve the quality of life for poor rural communities who do not have access to these facilities. The most critical requirement of telemedicine is a reliable high-speed network.

However, access to digital technologies remains highly unequal globally, and even among the developing countries themselves. The digital divide, simply put, is the gap between those people and communities with high-quality and consistent access to information technology and those without it [2]. There must a stable communications strategy that connects the users with the global Internet, if telemedicine concept has to become widespread. In addition, there should be a security framework that protects health professionals and their patients from electronic snooping. The relatively new advances viz. firewall technology and public key cryptography will make high-level security possible in the future [3]. Telemedicine has the potential to alter the landscape of health services. The paper presents the experience of conceptualizing and implementing a telemedicine platform in the context of a developing country.

Apollo Case Study

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