TeleMedicine Industry Resources

With the projected Telemedicine Market of US$36.3 Billion by 2020, the telemedicine industry is the fastest growing technology sector in the world today. Staying on top of the industry is key to ensuring your company’s position in the rapidly expanding telehealth marketplace. The Telemedicine Industry Resources Index is the place to find every resource you need to stay up-to-date. News, Events, Development Resources, Implementaion Resources, Webinars, Videos, Industry Directory and Buyer’s Guide and other resources are available, free to members of the ever widening telemedicine worldwide community.

TeleMedicine Directory

The Telemedicine Directory

The Telemedicine Directory is largest, most complete guide to Telemedicine today. With extensive sections dedicated to TeleSpecialists, Products & Solutions, Cloud based Platforms, Industry Associations & Organizations, Education & Training and Industry Resources. The telemedicine market is expected to reach US$36.3 billion by 2020. Telemedicine is a disruptive technology with overwhelming economic motivators. Over the next 5 years, telemedicine will replace standard, location-based medical practice, where practical, world-wide.

Market Reports

Telemedicine Market Reports

The iTelemedicine Guide to Market Research and Reports keeps you informed of vital industry trends and their impact now and over the next few years. Leading industry research firms provide access to the critical market data you need. iTelemedicine sorts and indexes this information for ease of navigation. Find up to-the-minute market intelligence with the iTelemedicine guide to Market Research and Reports.

Telemedicine Training and Education

Telemedicine Training and Education

iTelemedicine and The Telemedicine Directory provide access to the top Unversities, Colleges and Institutions as well as private training companies providing education on-stir and on location for implementors of telemedicine. Get Specialized Training in Telemedicine Deployment for your practice or organization or as a career. Universities, Corporate Training, In-house Solutions Training, Consultants. On-campus, In house or Online.

Telemedicine Webinars

Telemedicine Webinars

iTelemedicine keeps you up-to-date with Telemedicine Webinars Calendar upcoming as well as an archive of past webinar recordings. Industry experts provide critical workshops and training in emerging technologies, implementation strategies, law and legislation, market research and reports, telespecialsit training and resources and more. Most webinars are free to the public.

Telemedicine Videos

TeleMedicine Video Library

The Telemedicine Videos Online Library from iTelemedicine gives you 1-click access to the latest online videos related to telemedicine and tele health. Case studies, training, new developments, technology leaps, expert presenters, and related telemedicine videos are listed, summarized and linked directly from our video library. Stay informed and up-to date with the iTelemedicine Online Telemedicine Video Library.

TeleMedicine Reimbursement

Telemedicine & Telehealth Reimbursement

Reimbursement for telemedicine and telehealth services by medicare, medicaid and private insurance is pivotal to the adoption and growth of telemedicine. Correct billing and coding are vitally important to appropriate payment. The iTelemedicine Guide to Telemedicine and Telehealth Reimbursement and Coverage provides up-to-the-minute information on regulatory and legislative developments, as well as resources for navigating regional reimbursement issues, billing and coding.

Associations Organizations

TeleMedicine Organizations and Associations

Access a Worldwide Network of Trade Groups, Alliances, Consortiums and Government Resources dedicated to promoting development in telemedicine and telehealth industries. The Telemedicine Associations Guide is a comprehensive worldwide directory of industry associations, research consortiums, trade groups and other organizations providing regional and worldwide support to the telemedicine industry.

Telemedicine Case Studies and White Papers

Telemedicine Case Studies and White Papers

Access Case Studies and White Papers in the iTelemedicine Industry Resource Index. Leading telemedicine industry researchers and implementors provide a view into their results and findings. Real-world case studies give you insight into the planning and execution of telemedicine applications.