GCC’s Health Services – February 28, 2016 – BATAVIA — Genesee Community College (GCC)’s Health Services is now offering telemedicine to students at its Batavia campus, providing students with professional  care from anywhere.

According to a press release from Genesee Community College, a partnership with Genesee Urgent Care has led to the development of telemedicine coverage on its Batavia campus, allowing patients with access to licensed medical professionals in real time, regardless of location.

“While access to the Telemedicine Network is currently only available to students at the Batavia campus, the intent is to grow this to GCC’s other campus centers as well,” said Genesee Urgent Care President Melissa Marsocci.

Improvements in telemedicine technology have allowed for tools such as stethoscopes and ophthalmoscopes to integrate simply through a USB port. Telemedicine can also share x-ray images with orthopedics and electrocardiograms with cardiologists.

Currently the school offers two plans for access to coverage through telemedicine technology. The basic plan, which costs $60 per semester, offers unlimited access to a licensed medical professional for illnesses including cold and cough, flu, sinus infection, sore throat, urinary tract infection, rash and poison ivy, pink eye, mono, sexually transmitted diseases and bee stings. The plan also includes diagnostic tests through lab work that cover pregnancy, mono spot, RSV, rapid strep and influenza.

An additional plan is offered that starts at $300 and includes coverage for injuries such as fractures, dislocations, minor eye problems, sprains and strains, cuts, lacerations and burns.

Covered students in need of medical services that utilize telemedicine technology will need to check in with Health Services at the Batavia campus in room B109. A Polycom device known as HDX4500 is used to “call” the urgent care center where the patient and attending nurse can see and hear the urgent care staff. Providers from the urgent care center can also e-script medications to a student’s pharmacy of choice.

For more information on Genesee Urgent Care, telemedicine and coverage plans available to GCC students, visit the Genesee Urgent Care Website

Article Courtesy Of Sam Cooper, Genesee Sun

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