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Michael Morris, Senior Editor, iTelemedicine

In last week’s article we had a preview of 3 major vendor offerings at ATA 2015. Globalmed’s ClinicalAccess Station, a custom, modular mobile exam station, AMD Global Telemedicine TeleClinic self-contained mobile telemedicine system and Healthspot Private Walk-in Telemedicine Kiosks. This week our vendor preview focuses on 8 telemedicine companies making significant announcements at the show. iTelemedicine spoke with the vendors about their product releases and announcements for ATA 2015.

Here are some of the releases we can look forward to:


art1SnapMD has released a fully secure file-sharing feature within its HIPAA compliant application that allows patients and clinicians to upload and share all file types between each other. SnapMD’s Connected Care technology is a cloud-based telemedicine platform offered as a SaaS solution that connects patients directly with their health care providers. SnapMD helps health care providers increase and extend access to care, while aligning patient needs with the most appropriate and cost effective provider. SnapMD recently signed an agreement with Baptist Health System of Alabama to provide Telemedicine technology solutions.

ATA Booth # 2522. Find SnapMD in The Telemedicine Directory.


USARADimg_5USARAD, a leading teleradiology platform provider, servicing hundreds of facilities worldwide, will announce their strategic partnership agreement with one of the largest online networks of primary care physicians, nurses, and therapists in the world to provide millions of people with access to qualified doctors and efficient healthcare. This new partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies to offer Internet-based, specialty and subspecialty telehealth services. USARAD has 2 divisions, one serving physicians and hospitals and one serving the general public, offering 3D visualization and image analysis services. In next week’s ATA Special Issue, we will highlight

ATA Booth # 917. Meet USARAD in The Telemedicine Directory.



vitaphone e-health solutions at ATA 2015Vitaphone e-health solutions is launching a new platform for the US market. Brad Tritle, President/CEO of vitaphone had this to say, “vitaphone e-health solutions is launching its new platform, VITA health services, for the US market. This platform enables remote patient monitoring of a variety of conditions, such as congestive heart failure, COPD, hypertension and diabetes. Though patients will be monitored by vitaphone’s Nevada Telemedicine Service Center, which filters and triages via exception-based alert algorithms on behalf of providers, the VITA health services provider portal will also facilitate real-time access to biometrics and answers to patient questionnaires.“

ATA Booth # 2428. Find vitaphone in The Telemedicine Directory.


art3Ergotron will debut several new Telemedicine SKUs, as well as updates to their existing Telepresence carts. Steve Reinecke, MT (CLS) CPHIMS, AVP of Healthcare at Ergotron explained: “The flexibility of the Ergotron platforms has always allowed customers to build a solution to meet their unique needs – and this is truly reflected in our new products. By combining the power of our sixth generation StyleView® Medical Carts with the features needed to help medical professionals connect and collaborate with remote medical specialists or teams, customers are able to better tailor carts to their specific facilities’ needs. What’s more, Ergotron’s StyleView Telepresence and Telemedicine carts have open architecture which allows for easy integration of standard equipment, with quality hospital-grade construction, and ergonomic adjustability.”

ATA Booth # 2039. Preview Ergotron in The Telemedicine Directory.



art4Utila will be releasing a newly designed two-way interactive text reminder feature that tracks patient health data for providers. Joshua Goldberg, CEO of Utila offered this description: ”This new feature allows both providers and patients to continue their engagement outside of the office setting and gives providers a way to analyze their patients health data in real-time so better decisions can be made throughout the treatment process. Providers can assign tasks to patients from the application, which then sends out texts at specified times to nudge their patients to complete treatment tasks. Patients are able to update the application by responding to the texts with either a number or comments.”

ATA Booth # 2812. Meet Utila in The Telemedicine Directory.


art7Doctor on Demand will be featuring its unique business model for working with employers. Lena Cheng, MD, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Doctor on Demand, Inc. explains, ”The company takes on all the engagement risk by foregoing any per-employee-per-month or integration fees, and only charging for each video visit. This model provides employers with a risk-free way of offering telemedicine to its employees.” She went on to explain that in the coming year, “Doctor on Demand will expand its connectivity with the healthcare ecosystem through expansion of two-way integration with electronic medical record systems and integrating patient-captured data from digital health devices such as wireless stethoscopes and otoscopes.”

ATA Booth # 1924. Find Doctor on Demand in The Telemedicine Directory.


art8InstaMD, who recently completed pilots in Thailand and India, will introduce a low cost telemedicine kit. The kit will consist of an audio amplifier & communicator that can hook up to any manual stethoscope and communicate with any video conference tool, a USB otoscope that can be used for dermatology or wound care and a wireless combo device with 3 leads ECG, SPO2, BPM and Temp sensor. The Tele-Visit platform seamlessly connects, records and replays data from these devices on a browser or iOS App. They will be rolling out the device and platform this May in one hospital system as part of grant from a leading medical device company.

ATA Booth # 2718. Locate InstaMD in The Telemedicine Directory.


art9Advanced ICU Care, the largest tele-ICU provider in the nation, will be opening two new operations centers, one located in Houston’s Texas Medical Center area and the other in Irvine, California. Advanced ICU Care CEO, Lou Silverman will be offering “How To Work With A TeleICU Partner, Optimizing Clinical, Operational, and Financial Outcomes,” on Monday, May 4, 4:15 – 5:15. The company maintains a robust staff of experienced, reputable clinicians who work from a variety of remote operations centers across the country.

ATA Booth # 2718. Find Advanced ICU Care in The Telemedicine Directory.


iTelemedicine will publish another vendor preview article next week as we lead up to the ATA 2015 show. If you are exhibiting at ATA 2015, have a new product or service release to announce and would like to include your release in the upcoming article, please complete this form or contact the . iTelemedicine is an online publication dedicated to the telemedicine, telehealth and mHealth industry.

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