TeleMedicine Service Providers

The Telemedicine Service Providers Index on iTelemedicine gives you 1 click access to TeleSpecialist networks, Consultants, Integrators, Solutions providers and other service providers in the telemedicine industry. Connect and resolve in the Telemedicine Service Providers Index.

Integrators Consultants

Integrators & Consultants

The iTelemedicine Integrators and Consultants Guide connects you with providers who can assist in planning and implementation Telemedicine Solutions. Deploying Telemedicine solutions is more practical than ever with assistance from a worldwide network of consultants and integrators who can design and implement turn-key solutions for your enterprise.

Solutions Providers

Solutions Providers

The iTelemedicine Solutions Provider Network delivers access to solutions in every segment of the telemedicine industry. Whether you are implementing a new infrastructure, a turnkey application, empowering a clinical specialty venture or connecting providers with end-users, the Solutions Provider Network is your worldwide source for access to Solutions Providers.


TeleSpecialists Networks

The iTelemedicine TeleSpecialist Network is the most extensive directory of clinical specialty telemedicine providers worldwide. The TeleSpecialist Network provides instant access to TeleRadiologists, TelePsychiatrists, General Practice, TeleDiagnostics, TeleDiabetes, even TeleVeterinary services. Access the world of specialists 24/7/365 with the iTelemedicine TeleSpecialist Network.