Remote diagnostics or tele diagnostics is the act of diagnosing a given symptom, issue or problem from a distance. Instead of the subject being co-located with the person or system doing the diagnostics, with remote diagnostics the subjects can be separated by physical distance. The Telemedicine Directory index of Remote Diagnostic Specialists provides easy access to the worldwide network of Telediagnsostics.

  • MediTel
    La Telemedicina ? la pratica della medicina che si avvale dell?uso combinato delle telecomunicazioni e dell?informatica. The post MediTel appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • DaVita Kidney Care India
    Our nephrologists, psychologists and dietitians can provide consultation services for patients using live interactive video. This means that patients do not have to travel long distances in order to m …
  • CIVCO Medical Solutions
    CIVCO Medical Solutions is committed to positively impacting patient care by constantly innovating life enhancing medical solutions. The post CIVCO Medical Solutions appeared first on The TeleMedicine …
  • Anchor Hospital
    Anchor uses interactive technology to assess and diagnose patients who, due to distance, are not able to access quality behavioral health services. This technology allows the patient, provider and ass …
  • Behavior Imaging Solutions
    Behavior Imaging The post Behavior Imaging Solutions appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • Imaging On Call
    Imaging On Call provides imaging services, financial solutions and cost control that help you survive The post Imaging On Call appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • Nambison’s Softronix
    Nambison's SoftroniX has been founded with a vision of benefiting Medical professionals & common man through the goodness of ICT (Information Communication Technology) apart from minimising t …
  • Clear Guide Medical
    Clear Guide's approach substantially reduces the footprint, simplifies the workflow, and reduces the cost of ultrasound-guided interventions. The post Clear Guide Medical appeared first on The Te …
  • Calgary Scientific
    Diagnostic medical imaging software ResolutionMD The post Calgary Scientific appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • CellaVision
    CellaVision is an innovative, global medical technology company that develops and sells best-in-class systems for the routine analysis of blood and other body fluids. The post CellaVision appeared fir …
  • Chili USA
    CHILI?is a suite of software components for radiology and other fields of medicine involving image processing such as cardiology and pathology. The post Chili USA appeared first on The TeleMedicine Di …
  • Analyte Health
    Online Clinics give you access to doctors and counselors anywhere, anytime. No appointments, no parking, no waiting. The post Analyte Health appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • Bayless Helathcare Group
    Your dedicated healthcare consulting team is led by your doctor, and includes behavioral and wellness specialists to help you achieve good health. The post Bayless Helathcare Group appeared first on T …
  • Avreo, Inc.
    RIS, PACS, EHR for Radiology, Dictation, Transcription, Report Distribution, and More The post Avreo, Inc. appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • Aspyra, LLC
    Picture Archive Communications System, PACs solution, specialty practice, orthopedics, ortho, orthopaedic, veterinary, radiology center, imaging center, community hospital, PACS system, PACS software, …
  • American Radiology Solutions
    American Radiology Solutions is a team of highly trained physicians and support staff dedicated to providing superior teleradiology services to the medical practices with which we are affiliated The p …
  • Argus Radiology
    Teleradiology provided with the highest level of customer service and state of the art technology, at a lower cost,with a personal touch. The post Argus Radiology appeared first on The TeleMedicine Di …
  • Carestream Health
    Begin the digital transition with CARESTREAM CR systems or use a wireless DRX detector and modular DR components to ensure the right solution for your space, workflow and budget. The post Carestream H …
  • Applied Spectral Imaging
    ASI develops computer-aided systems for use in diagnostics by pathology, cytogenetic and research laboratories. The post Applied Spectral Imaging appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • Caliber I.D
    Caliber I.D. The post Caliber I.D appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • CoActive
    Our technology suits a small practice and scales to complete end-to-end RIS/PACS solutions for the larger healthcare enterprise The post CoActive appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • BRIT Systems, Inc
    BRIT announces Collaborative Radiology Pool The post BRIT Systems, Inc appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • Canvys
    Canvys brings together a deep understanding of visual technologies, wide-ranging capabilities and a worldwide network to create complete solutions. The post Canvys appeared first on The TeleMedicine D …
  • Versitron, Inc.
    VERSITRONS reputation is unsurpassed in providing both reliable and transparent links between copper and fiber interfaces. The post Versitron, Inc. appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • Alliance Imaging
    Alliance Imaging is the nations leading provider of advanced outpatient diagnostic imaging services (MRI, PET/CT, CT). The post Alliance Imaging appeared first on The TeleMedicine Directory.
  • 3D Diagnostix
    3D Diagnostix started the digital CT scan conversion business for dentistry in 2005, supporting the CT imaging department for a leading dental school with 3D reconstructions of oral maxillofacial case …
  • Advanced Cardiac Diagnostics
    Advanced Cardiac Diagnostics is a leader in Telecardiology. Providing remote interpretation of echocardiograms and EKG The post Advanced Cardiac Diagnostics appeared first on The TeleMedicine Director …
  • Direct Diagnostic Alliance S.L.
    We work in close partnership with radiology departments to jointly enhance the radiological capacity for referring physicians and patients. Together we provide teleradiology solutions uniquely adapted …
  • MRI Diagnostics
    We understand that there are many U.S. teleradiology companies. Choose MRI Diagnostics for our personalized service and quality subspecialty reads. The post MRI Diagnostics appeared first on The TeleM …
  • National Diagnostic Imaging
    National Diagnostic Imaging (NDI) provides subspecialty teleradiology services to hospitals, imaging centers, office-based imaging practices and outpatient clinics. The post National Diagnostic Imagin …