The Telemedicine Companies Directory is largest, most complete guide to Telemedicine today. With extensive sections dedicated to TeleSpecialists (clinical specialty service providers and networks), Products & Solutions, Cloud based Platforms, Industry Associations & Organizations, Education & Training and Industry Resources. The telemedicine market is expected to reach US$36.3 billion by 2020. Telemedicine is a disruptive technology with overwhelming economic motivators. Over the next 5 years, telemedicine will replace standard, location-based medical practice, where practical, world-wide.

The insurance industry is moving rapidly toward full acceptance of telemedicine because it means greater medical effectiveness with less resources. Governments are quickly legislating the adoption of telemedicine because it provides greater access to care for larger numbers of people, particularly in rural regions. Educational institutions are swiftly adopting telemedicine curricula because it is the future of medicine. The barriers to full deployment of telemedicine are falling as you read this.

The Telemedicine Directory provides organized access to worldwide telemedicine resources in a succinct, searchable, user-friendly format. If you are a student pursuing education, a patient looking for a specialist, a hospital seeking solutions or a Telespecialist looking for end-users of your services, The Telemedicine Directory will provide instant access to the resources you need. If you are a telemedicine company or practitioner the you can submit a listing to be included in the directory, FREE. If you are are a solutions provider seeking to expand your reach into the marketplace and build your brand, the Telemedicine Directory provides multiple, high-visibility venues for your success. Welcome to the future of medicine. Welcome to The Telemedicine Directory.

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