A Practical Guide For Understanding And Mitigating Patient Safety Risk And Malpractice Exposure

Amid ongoing challenges and changes within the healthcare industry, telemedicine is emerging as an increasingly attractive tool for delivering quality medical services.

For geographically remote hospitals and communities, telemedicine can provide access to specialists who help on-site practitioners reach a patient diagnosis and develop a treatment plan, thus eliminating the need for patients to either travel great distances at great expense or forgo a specialist’s or subspecialist’s expert opinion. With the demand for specialty physician on-call coverage now far exceeding the supply of specialists in urban areas, telemedicine is also becoming a more common solution for not-soremote facilities. In addition to specialist referral services and patient consultations, telemedicine can offer solutions for remote inpatient or outpatient monitoring in the hospital as well as follow-up in the patient’s home.

This white paper provides an overview of the potential patient safety and malpractice risks associated with telemedicine; explores the risks in several specific applications of telemedicine; and offers strategies and tactics for mitigating those risks.

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