Making healthcare more collaborative, affordable, and effective.

Telehealth is a game changer for the healthcare industry. The current healthcare system focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of acute disease and on emergency care. Telehealth is patient centric and concentrates on health rather than illness. It will play an important role as the industry moves away from a fee-for-service model toward more outcome-focused care and reimbursement. More importantly, it brings healthcare directly into patient homes and to patients wherever they may be.

The market for telehealth is being driven by significant trends in healthcare, population, technology, government, and consumerism. At the same time, outdated reimbursement policy, increased availability of healthcare, and a shortage of providers are eroding the barriers to adoption.

Telehealth acts as a bridge for enhancing the relationship between patient and provider and for improving patient satisfaction and behavioral changes by weaving healthcare guidance and treatment into daily life. Patient behavior and lifestyle choices have a profound impact on health and wellness since most healthcare is self-care. In fact, one of the major uses of telehealth is for the self-management of chronic disease. In addition, telehealth increases access to care in remote rural areas which do not have specialty treatment facilities. As a result, many industry experts believe that telehealth holds the key to optimizing population health.

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